How Much Should You Pay for New Tyres

How much should you pay for new tyres? This is one question that almost every car owner has asked themselves at some point. New tyres are always recommendable especially if your old ones are already worn out and on the brink of ending their lifespan. Actually you don’t have to wait for your old car tyres to get completely worn out, or for an emergency to occur, before buying new tyres. Responsible car owners usually have one or two new tyres ready every time they’re driving. You too should consider doing that; you can have a new tyre as the spare tyre when driving, and leave the other new one at home.

Now, back to our question; how much should you pay for new tyres? Frankly, there’s no standard or constant price! Rather, what’s important to remember is that whatever you’ll pay for new tyres is determined by a set of factors. These factors are what will determine whether you pay more, less. They include;

  1. The brand you’re buying; the car tyre market is saturated with many brands, some reputable and respected, others affordable but not so durable, others ideal for wet and winter driving, and so on so forth. These brands include famous giants like Michelin, Pirelli, Good Year, Bridgestone, to mention ut a few. We also have little known brands that originate from places like China; it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad or fake. Just that the market tends to be dominated by the major brands that have been there for years.
  2. The size; different cars have different car tyre sizes. Usually, smaller cars and sedans have smaller tyre sizes compared to larger cars like trucks. The smaller the car tyre size, the less expensive it’ll be. Larger cars like Land Rover will usually coast you more in terms of the car tyres cost.
  3. Tyre modifications; good car tyres have perfect grip on the road, and serve you diligently till they get worn out. Some car tyres are especially made with larger grooves to aid in rough road driving, for instance in the mud and grass. Romford Tyres with specially designed grooves are slightly costlier than the normal car tyres meant for ordinary conditions driving.
  4. Where are you buying; some car tyre dealers slightly inflate the prices of tyres, depending on a set of factors. You can find the same car tyre size retailing at different prices; you’ll thus need to compare and contrast the prices before settling for one shop.


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