3 Ways To Be Successful At Your Work Placement At SCCD

Every student dreams of finishing their SCCD training and getting a quick work placement; the fact that SCCD Training helps you get employment makes it even better. However, finishing your training is one thing; succeeding at your work placement is another. No training really will prepare you for the actual teacher-student interaction; which means that you need to acquaint yourself with the right tips to make you succeed. Below, we have compiled list of 3 successful ways to be successful at your work placement at SCCD;

  1. Pick a school within you; the first step towards doing it right is by picking a school that’s near or around you. This means that you can reach the school conveniently, easily, and without spending much. The moment you have your workplace easily accessible, you are even able to concentrate on your teaching job psychologically.
  2. Be good to students; regardless of the age group you’ll be assigned to teach, it’s important that you’re gentle, warm, and always on standby when needed. Students can make your life miserable, or wonderful depending on how you teach them.  Usually, you just need to create a free, friendly learning atmosphere where students are free to ask questions anytime they wish to join teacher training courses London.
  3. Keep learning new things; it’s not enough that you’ve qualified as a teacher; you must keep absorbing new information and knowledge. In order to really excel at the subjects you’re teaching, you’ll have to stay ahead of your students. Read widely; consult your fellow teachers when something is unclear, and so on so forth. The students are also going to like you more when they learn that you always give them accurate information each time.


SCCD guarantees all students 100% work placement upon completion; the above 3 tips are the gateway to success.

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Why Install Built a Wardrobe

When it comes to home storage features and furniture, you might be wondering what the best storage options you can use in your bedroom and house are. A built in wardrobe is a great option when you are looking to maximise on space and create more storage for your bedroom and home.

Benefits of a build in wardrobe;

  • Easy to build – A built in wardrobe is a feature which is essentially part of the design process. This is because it is built into the wall. It is relatively easy to build and it can be fitted into any design plan for any part of the house.
  • Saves space – A build in wardrobe is a great space saver. Since it is part of the structure of the room, it doesn’t eat into any additional space and in fact, allows you to make use of the floor space available for other décor and design options you would like to implement across your home.

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Customized storage – The advantage of having such a wardrobe in your home is that it can be as tall or as wide as you like. If you love the idea of wall to wall wardrobes then a build in wardrobe seamlessly allows you to have a whole range of space at your disposal. Why Install Built a Wardrobe


A built in wardrobe is one of the best storage options today, choose it as one of the design features in your home and you will love how much room it gives you for all your storage needs for you and your family.

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Tips on moving from house in London

Many people find trouble when they are moving from one house to another. They have a lot of stuff and get so unorganized that things get messed up. So today I am gonna share you the important tips when you are finally moving out of your house in london.
This is very important because having a record of your household items is useful if something goes missing. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the contents of each box. Then assign it box and number and all you have to do is write that number on each side maybe with the appropriate room listed as well. You should always try and label all sides of the boxes except the top. 

Following are the tips on moving from house
  • You should get organized early and you should always avoid leaving anything until the last minute
  • You should figure out your move strategy
  • You should keep your movers in the loop
  • make sure that you pick the right transportation that is the transportation that will make your move comfortable and worth it.
  •  You should seize the opportunity to purge.
  • You should make sure that you put together a packing kit which will enable you to move with comparative ease.
  • You should always green your move
  • You should inculcate the habit of using your boxes more than one time that is you should always make sure to reuse your boxes 
  • You should take inventory if you are hiring a moving company.



Hiring a Magician Manchester

Being a Magician at the moment is great as the job has had a real boost with all of the magic that has been on TV recently but what you see on the telly is not always what you get so when choosing a magician for your event you have to check lots of things and in my free report found on the home page of this site I give you a run down of the top ten questions you should ask before booking a magician so drop over there now and see.

Performing magic as a magician at any event can be amazing fun but challenging at the same time but when the festive season comes things heat up some what and you get double the fun but also every party or event that a magician attends can bring it’s own challenges so you have to be adaptable.


Hiring a Magician Manchester

Being a close up Magician is a great job and at Christmas parties it can add that little extra magic to make the whole event go off without a hitch and be really memorable for everyone that attends, but you need to get the right magician with the right experience who can cope with every situation and all types of people and this only comes with experience so make sure you book an entertainer that can deal with your event and the people who are coming.

Take a look around the site at alan hudson magician manchester and see what others have said about me and if he can help at your next event just fill out the form or give me a call.


Ice Innovation

Transformation… that’s what we’re about

At ICE Innovation you can speak to branding, website design, website development and online marketing experts with over 20 years of experience, working across every sector to combine creative talent with innovation and business expertise.

We know you’ll enjoy the journey and reap the rewards, just as many have before you.

Welcome to ICE Innovation.


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Evolve Selection

Evolve Selection

Take existing brand into a multi-functional CMS brochure website with CV upload facility. Online marketing campaign, including social media, link building, content management and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


318.52% increase in the last two months compared to the previous website and page views up for 335.24%.

ICE innovation results

Tom Wood Florist

Tom Wood Florist

Branding and implementation of brand across a range of materials, including the shop front, signage, window graphics, vehicle wrapping and packaging. E-commerce website with full ordering facility. Online marketing campaign, including link building, SEO, social media, blogging and content management.


225% more traffic to website in last two months. Page views have risen by 223.16%.

ICE innovation results



Heritage really wanted to create a strong brand that would position them as market leaders for a new investment product that they had been developing for some time. When they were ready, ICE Innovation spent half a day with the Managing Director of Heritage to clarify their brand strategy and vision for the company moving forward.


The moment they launched their new brand, it positioned the company in exactly the way they had expected and requested and gave the team more confidence!

ICE innovation results



Using our research, The website undertook a course of on-page, search engine optimisation and the terms were further promoted by means of external link building and the launch of multiple ‘mini sites’ with search engine friendly URL’s. An altogether unified online marketing approach.


A comparison from August 2009 to August 2010 shows a traffic increase of more than 101%. The number of sources referring traffic to them went up by 76%

ICE innovation results